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"...birth is the pinnacle where women discover the courage to become mothers..." - Anita Diamant

Maria Beatty has been teaching the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth since 2004.  After completing the Bradley course, she and her husband endured childbirths in hospital, birth center and home-birth settings.  She has trained with DONA (Doulas of North America).  She has trained with Penny Simkin on the topic "When Survivors Give Birth."  She holds a double bachelors from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently studying at Westminster Theological Seminary.  She makes her life with her husband and four children.


(all courses will be taught at The Nesting House in Mt. Airy)

Infant Care Basics Intensive Course
How will you manage the constant demands of your newborn? Together, we will go through techniques for settling into rhythms with your baby -- is it time to feed again, didn't he just sleep two hours? We will practice techniques for holding, soothing, wearing, diapering and feeding. Also, strategies for sleep-deprivation, stress management, and healthy family communication. The course's aim is to equip new parents so that they achieve a comfort level and have their own "bag of tricks" for their first season as parents.
cost: $25 for 1 morning workshop (Limited to 10 students)

Bradley Method Childbirth Course
In nine weeks, we will explore childbirth as a biological, emotional,  and athletic process. The method is based on educating couples about  their choices, relaxation techniques for labor, and good nutrition. Weekly, we will rehearse partner-guided relaxation labor exercises. The course seeks to be a long and thoughtful exploration of the glorious act of childbirth. The Bradley Method was introduced in 1965 with Dr. Robert Bradley's book "Husband-Coached Childbirth." Course is offered to mothers whose pregnancies are "low-risk."
cost: $250 for nine-week workshop (Limited to 4 couples)